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and limited government that spur our economic growth over a period of time can be used to help out on the health care reforms. why not put these market principles to work? health care by the way is one of america's greatest industries and job creators. if we leave it alone and don't stifle it with a government takeover, health care will help us get a big prosperity boom in the next five to 10 years and longer. that's my take. i want to turn it over to my great friend, mary thompson, on "cnbc reports." mary, you're talking about the great recovery. >> we have a great show ahead, larry. thank you so much. "cnbc reports" starts right now. >> tonight on "cnbc reports." the bulls take a break and the bears win the day but there are several big names that have been down in the dumbs making a comeback now. on that list, aig. look at this chart. up 275% in a month. what's making this stock jump? fannie, freddie, bank of america, citigroup also making moves. in depth on the widely held stocks on the st. if almost everyone else owns them, shouldn't you? what we will learn from the kua kuants
of president obama hat in hand apologizing for it to the rest of the world. pitch to the u.s. economy, will you? as a huge rocket ship on the launchpad, countdown has just ended. we have ignition, plumes of smoke are rising and the massive thing is starting to shoulder and shake, and liftoff is about to begin. if you believe in pax amer can narcs america the kickass, you have hope to believe this economy will be far more robust than everyone expects. and darren brooks, a big believe in pax americana. he runs the think tank that encourages individual action. amen. are we in the era of pax americana? >> i think for the last 200 years we have been in the era, this is the greatest nation on earth, founded on the greatest nation. to the extent we remain true to the founding principles of this country, it will remain the greatest nation. i worry about this recovery because so much of what's happened over the last two years and slowly progressively over the last 100 years moved us away from those principles and yes the rocket ship is ready to launch but the massive concrete pillars being attached by o
for being with us. i want to start with a very basic question. do you think it is the obligation of government to provide health care for its people? is it a basic human right of americans to have government make sure they get health care? >> i think you can make an argument there are both rights and responsibilities in our country, with respect to health care. i certainly think there ought to be a significant measure of personal responsibility. we have that in our legislation. we have 15 united states senator, both political party whose basically have said they're going to use marketplace forces to make sure that all americans get quality and affordable coverage. the congressional budget office has said our approach is the only one that doesn't add to the federal deficit. >> marketplace forces, how so? i think setting up a government program is not exactly the marketal all, you can't compete against government. >> that's not right. this is basically set up along the lines of what members of congress have. members of congress, if they subscribe to health care in the washington d.
andrew cuomo says u.s. banks bailed out with t.a.r.p. money paid out more in bonuses than the execs earned. >>> and the man who moved into this new condo building in florida. ever see the shining? "cnbc reports" starts right now. >> good evening, i'm dennis kneale. are we back? you bet we are. so far the summer rally just ended and we ended our best month in the dow since 2002. stocks are up 7% or more in a month. it's a friday, take your profits and go home. that didn't happen. let's explore it in the real deal with dennis kneale. we hold these bull-bear debates all the time in cnbc and drill down with arcane economic methods. i'm convinced the real point comes down to this, either you believe in the future of america or you don't. you believe we in habit the best, most innovative freest nation on earth or feel we're headed for the trash heap of history. by now, you guys can guess which side i will take. let me invoke a fancy trade. a latin phrase. it means american peace. another translation, the greatest nation. pax romano applied hundreds of years ago when rome ruled the world.
would have us believe? more innovators, more adaptable than even president obama believes we are. michael darta is a believer, he put out a note today saying the new ism manufacturing numbers that came in and lifted the markets, they promise the economy will grow better than 3% next year, that would be half gain higher than wall street expects. 3% growth in gdp would be more than $400 billion in extra economic activity next year, and the stock market is is the ultimate leading indicator. today surged up past that 1,000 mark closing at 1,002 and change. the nasdaq cracked the 2,000 mark jumping 30 points to 2008. and the dow jones fired off another nice triple digit gain up 115 points or so to close up near 9,300. dow 10,000? here we come. now a couple of recovery killers loom. factors that could render us tax americana. and they boil down to this. obama-care, obama tax increases, obama anti-capitalist rage.. but for now, this summer rally is for real. what happened today?y? what does crossing the 1-k barrier in the s&p and the 2-k level in the nasdaq mean? we are flooding the zon
to the recession. an old mentor of mine at the "wall street journal" used to say bare ass out on a limb. then a report came in from one of the biggest brokerage firms in the world, merrill lynch declared recession is over. then a cover story in "newsweek" magazine, head line "the recession is over." since june 25th, even though stocks were up 38% from lows in march, since june 25th. watch what happened?w since my recession over proclamation, the dow closed 113 points today, up 13% during that time. nasdaq breaks the thousand mark and s&p 500 is up 13 points today and ends the week above 1,000 and up 12% since my june 25th declaration. look at the jobs picture.w the unemployment rate was at 9.5%. everyone expected it to rise gw another tick on the way up to 10%. instead, the rate today fell a 10th of a point, take a look at that chart with that lovely v. look where job losses started in july of '08, how much worse they got by january 7th. 40,000, today, less than 250,000 and counting. it's painful, today's number but way less painful than it was inw january. look at this lovely
today said 85. >> i'm a step ahead on this one. a lot of the same factors and circumstances that got us to the same point last year are going to rear their head again. >> those factors would be ease evil speculators. >> i don't blame the speculators. i blame ourselves for importing 2/3 of our oil, and the intense competition that represses resource for china. >> so john thinks $100 a barrel this year. you don't see $86 barrel until 2012. >> yeah, if we get there at all. right now, there is a tremendous amount of global catastrophe. there is also an extremely large inventory building up everywhere oil can go. right now, i think it's going to take something more than an economic recovery. you're going to need something like a reincarnation for us to get to $100 a barrel.. >> what do you want to tell us about speculators and their role in getting oil -- getting it to 85 or $100 a year? >> there is no doubt that speculators i think have currently drirven the price up beyond the market fundamentals, and goldman sachs and other banks are predicting that the sky is the limit. and so until cong
the original forecast. that would mean an extra $140 billion in business for the u.s. economy in the next six months. the second upbeat sign, weekly jobless claims came out and down almost 40,000 than the week before, a far bigger drop than wall street expected. that should have sent stocks higher, today was profit taking time and also tomorrow morning a separate jobs number comes out and wall street is wary. the labor department releases payroll cuts for the entire month of july tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and the split between hope and fear on that one is particularly wide. some bears see cuts over 400,000 tomorrow and say the market will take on that. some bulls or even a few bears say the payroll reduction could come in as low as say 150,000 for the entire month and that might make stocks roar up again. would it just be incredible to have say a 300 point day in the dow? 300 points up? i can always hope, right. might the recent upsurge in stocks bring more rank and file investors in from the sidelines and send prices up? what about the chances of the great recovery? let's ask a bull and bear. pe
being waged in washington and elsewhere driven by anger and demagoguery. we're still all of us mad at wall street for wrecking our portfolios and scaring us half to death. but this backlash threatens to hurt the very forces of business that we need to bring this economy back to life. the obama posse and federal regulators and federal judges are taking this too far. they risk overregulating wall street and overregulating health care and overtaxing capital and wealth creation. the biggest threat, congress itself. these guys are tone deaf and out of touch. finally, some parts of america are waking up and taking to the streets to say enough is enough. they're peppering politicians with questions. why mess with health insurance if 68% of americans already like their coverage? they're giving congress an earful on other gaps including private jet gate. congress authorizing $550 million for eight new private jets after calling auto executives on the carpet for flying private jets on their own. congress says it will spend instead only $220 million on only four planes as the pentagon first r
emphasized a stable swiss grange. ben bernanke the fed, how about a stable u.s. greenback? dennis kneale, how about a stable overhaul of our health care system? where are you going tonight, buddy? >> we have a special report for the next hour on that. i am fresh from the heartland, we're ready to go. thanks very much, larry. "cnbc reports" starts right now. >> tonight on "cnbc reports." passions ignite off the palisades parkway right next to cnbc. >> the government is going to make all the decisions who is going to live and who's going to to die. >> the great health care debate one of the most contentious issues of our time comes to our door. >> i worry for my future and my children's future and my grandchildren. >> anger, fear over the president's health care bill igniting town hallucination-wid hallucination-wide. >> who's gonna pay, who's gonna pay? >> tonight, the future of american health care. also tonight, a big day for the markets after a two-day pause, the bulls come roaring back. we have the real deal on your money on the future of health care and on the things that matter most to y
but staged a late day comeback that could set us up for a monday bull run. tonight we're focusing on the unfocused. we're trying to shed some certainty on the uncertain. we're asking this question -- what's the holdup with reappointing the fed chief? and is that what's holding us back from dow 10,000? >> we're seeing growth second half of the year. >> is he the man who can help us get over the hump? >>> also tonight, one government controlled bank sees signs in another government controlled bank. what's it mean for your money? a lot. and the president takes the show on the road. an unfiltered audience on the new american civil war, health care. a major question, how will we pay for it. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. you're right. i can't do that. >> then, what can you do and what will you do? we're starting to get some more answers tonight. want the real deal with dennis neal? no problem. "cnbc reports" starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm dennis neal. that was a smack in the face on a friday, wasn't it? stocks give up their g
and that's going to stall this rally and maybe bring us down to a 10 to 15% correction. and here's why i think the dollar is going to strengthen. because the money supply growth has stopped dead in its tracks. the balance, the monetary base has been contracting at a 26% annual rate, m-2 is flat, and banks are no longer lending money. they stopped lending. year-over-year growth of loans and leases is now negative. this is a bear market, it will continue on the downside, and if it goes to 10,000, i'd short it aggressively. >> i don't know, jim, there's a lot of people talking about the dollar weakening, and some people even predicting a freefall for the dollar. >> i'm not predicting a free fall yet, but i think it's a danger we have to look at. the government has thrown so much stimulus at it and it's trending lower. just yesterday in the shanghai daily, some news from a china official says china is wary about fiscal responsibilities in the united states or something like that. when there's talk of that that other nations might not look to the dollar to be their store wealth, going to look
is even more important than what the numbers tell us. remember, you feel better first, then the economy turns up as a result. not the other way around. and lesson number five, this is the most important one. america is tougher and more engaged and resilient than h americans realize. moments after the bad news came out this morning, i started hearing from bears and bloggers. they were delighted. in thele markets open and stocks began to rise in spite of the headlines. when markets closed up today, i didn't hear from any of them. let's weigh in with some bulls and bears. we've got randy bateman and bearish scott redler. we also have paul bicochy and john brown of europacific capital. what about my lessons? and what about a better recovery than anyone thinks. what about randy bateman? >> i think i agree with you. there's a lot of money sitting on the sidelines that are ultimately going to sink their way into the marketplace. i think the longer that this positive market force will move forward, i think that's going to draw more and more of that capital into play because the yields are just
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13